KOTCL Developer Diaries: working on events

3 min readMar 3, 2023

Knock, knock, adventurers!

We’ve come back after a short break with an update and lots of development news. If you haven’t updated the game yet and don’t know what’s new in our patch, read this small note here and then go ahead and play!

In the meantime, we’ll tell you what has appeared in our inventory, so clean your crow’s beak, stroke your honey badgers and let’s go!

Map events galore!

There are so many events that we can’t help but tell you about all of them! A real struggle has broken out in the goblin and orc territories. One after another, the events have received updated art. This respected gentleman is already waiting for us to pay a visit to him — you can’t refuse such a noble person!

This little goblin below has wandered into a foreign territory. We showed you the process of creating this image not so long ago. Today it’s waiting for its turn to be animated. It seems that we’ll see more than one unexpected alliance on the way to the city.

Not a day without animations

With the latest update, we’ve added a lot of new enemy animations to make moving around the maps more fun. But the work doesn’t end there — there are still many opponents who need to be animated. You’ll come across them in regular runs, and the elite bosses will tickle your senses with their fancy effects.

This elf seems to be skilled with all kinds of weapons. His sword looks pretty sharp, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t want to end up on the end of it, would you? How many arrows can you count in his quiver?

We recently showed you this cheerful shaman with some special techniques. He seems to have gotten better at them since we last met. You definitely don’t want to mess with him now!

We are also remaking the glossary and finishing the karma display system. These new features will appear in the game very soon, along with a great many endings for event branches. Here is some final art for them.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to visit our social networks, where we communicate with you and read your suggestions for improving our game.

See you in the next diary!

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