KOTCL Developer Diaries: we love novelties

4 min readNov 17, 2023


Pretty sure, you too!

Knock, knock!

Another Friday has come around, bringing a new developer diary entry with it. So what’s new this week?

No bandit can do without their favourite gloves

Recently, we showed you the results of our work on the bandit’s set and mentioned the gloves that players had been eagerly requesting to be added. Admittedly, we rushed things a bit. Adding this element for all the characters caused some pain and a bit of suffering. There’s always a chance that someone might lose those gloves (right, Bjorn?) or that the gloves won’t fit properly. But we promised — and we delivered. The bandit set now includes gloves!

Check out his swag

Speaking of our scatterbrain, Bjorn. We trusted him enough to let him try on the new sets so that he would get used to them, and not forget where they go. He assured us that he’s got it all figured out, but we’ll still keep an eye on him. We know what this charming lycan is capable of.

But look how fabulous he is!

Masters of the Card-Arts

New specimens continue to enrich the card arsenal of the heroes’ decks. It always feels nice to add something unusual, effective, and useful to the deck. Or something not so useful. It all depends on the level of one’s luck in life. We shared some card sketches on social media, and now we’re revealing some of the final results. What do you think of the new additions?

More new animations!

Here are few more high-quality and smooth animations for events, made in Spine, which we hope our players will enjoy. Let’s see what’s come out of the animation lab this week!

A belligerent goblin. Be careful around him.
His peaceful neighbor, on the other hand, evokes more trust.
Clearly, a grand strategy is being developed here. Perhaps.
Alright, these guys.

How about some chit-chat?

Andrew, aka Innrey, the founder of RedBoon, is here again.

Week after week we continue to work on Knock. Particularly intense effort is being put into reducing the run time and, consequently, into overhauling the cards of all the biomes. Specifically, as I mentioned earlier, our solution is to reduce the number of points on each route. We believe this will not only improve the gameplay experience in KOTCL but also slightly reduce the hardcore nature of the game. After all, it’s not always possible to spend quality time during a game that lasts an hour and a half to two hours (and sometimes even more). I can say that there is progress, and we’re eagerly awaiting the result.

This week on Reddit, we discussed an interesting topic: professional deformation in game development.

I’m talking about the moment when a hobby becomes a job and ceases to be just a hobby. When you start looking at every game through the eyes of a developer rather than as an average player, your attention is drawn to details that previously seemed insignificant, your eye catches errors and shortcomings, and sometimes there’s a desire to adopt elements from other games and use those tricks in your own work.

When this happens, you might start feeling that only by slightly toning down the voice of your inner developer, can you enjoy the game. But we’ve come to the conclusion that gaming is an art capable of bringing magic and inspiration into our lives, and an inquisitive player, eager for new experiences, remains within each of us regardless.

What do you think about this? Share your opinion in the comments.

And a few words about the CBT. It’s moving towards its logical conclusion. The team and beta participants have done a great job. I’d like to thank everyone involved once more. There were quite a few bugs, but we coped — what else could we do, right? Hopefully, we’ll release a patch soon, and life will become more joyous for everyone (but no guarantees) :)

And that’s it for today. See you in a week!