KOTCL Developer Diaries: we continue animating the enemies!

3 min readFeb 10


Knock-knock, adventurers!

We’re glad to see you again. These days we’ve been dealing with bugs, talking with you on Discord a lot, and animating the enemies. And we can’t wait to share the results with you. Pack your travel bags, stock up your potions, and let’s go on another journey!

Hot cover orc and a merry village

We’ve gone to so many places during all of our travels — the steppes, the castle, and even the border zone. Our adventures never end!

First we come across an orc with a very cool spear:

Then we save a whole village from some unknown thing in the eery, dangerous swamps:

Just look at their happy faces!

These events are just getting ready to be put on our animators’ tables. Animation is a laborious and lengthy process. The preparation alone takes a long time!

I wasn’t going to eat them, I was just going to taste them…

There are so many dangers on our way that a bear can hardly surprise us at all. And he is no doubt already waiting for us! After all, he doesn’t care which careless traveler he takes a bite off:

The Thing and its sword

And this well-known fella (or piglet?) decided to finally get rid of the sword in his back so that he could have something to defend himself with. It seems that half of the blade stayed in his back. It’s probably better not to touch the blade itself. Who knows what kind of infection is already on it.

Our favorite goblin…

How could we forget this chubby guy? He is strong, he is smart, he… Guys, you have to run away very quickly now — it seems there are some ancient shamanic techniques in his bag of tricks!

…and other steppe inhabitants

This dangerous armadillo has also been waiting for its place under the sun. Its tenacious paws are reaching out to us. It wants to off us fast, curl up into a ball and warm his armored sides. But we can’t help but note that it’s very cute, so we’ll definitely come back to this battle!

While our whole team is busy improving the game, don’t forget to visit us on our social networks. We are very interested in your experiences, and the ways in which you defeat bosses.

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See you in the next diary!