KOTCL Developer Diaries: unusual ways to travel — relaxing with friends

3 min readMar 10, 2023

Knock-knock, adventurers!

We’re glad to see you again in our Friday diary. We hope your week has been as eventful as ours.

We had time to congratulate our dear ladies on March 8 and also worked hard on events and animations.

Well, it’s time to dive back into development. Put on the invulnerability armor and grab the firebrothers’ maces — it’s time to hit the road!

Tumbleweeds, tumbleweeds, who knows what you’ll get?

We bet it’s become much easier to be in the swamps lately, and now you almost don’t want to go to the steppes… Unless you’re hunting tumbleweeds! These plants often have something interesting stuck in them. Who knows what you will find? Surely it’s something valuable or at least useful. But only the inhabitants of the steppes can tell you about it more precisely!

Quality vacation with friends

What could be better than meeting up with your friends at a tavern after a hard week’s journey, right? That girl at the window seems to be winking at you. Maybe you should ask for the number of her carrier pigeon… Or receive another quest with unbelievable consequences!

Hey, where am I being dragged?!

They say that if you get into a sticky wicket, you can end up in a completely unexpected place. This way of traveling is risky, and such tours can cost you all your gold, but if you really want that adrenaline rush, jump into the box below. It’s possible your end point will turn out to be the beginning of a new adventure!

These graves are quiet… as the grave!

Adventurers all have different quests. Sometimes you need to find a special item, sometimes you negotiate with a troll, but today we’ve ended up in this old cemetery and have to deal with the locals. Here they are, by the way. The crows around here support the ambience as well as make sure that we don’t misbehave!

At Sigismund’s house

Everything is as usual in the castle — you lock horns with the guards over an audience with our best enemy, catch one debuff after another. But now you can also watch Sigismund with great interest while he ponders how to hit you harder!

Of course, this isn’t everything that we did this week. We continue fixing bugs, finishing the storyline, and working on the most important thing — the epic finale of our game.

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See you in the next diary!

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