KOTCL Developer Diaries: the carousel of events

3 min readJan 27


Knock, knock, adventurers!

It’s time for our weekly meeting! How has your week been? All these days we’ve been really busy with events, their animation and finalization. But first things first. Pick up your armor from the repair shop, pack some potions in your bag, and off we go!

The path to the cave

It’s not every day in the steppes that you stumble across such a suspicious mountain with an equally suspicious cave in it. The orc standing next to it is even more suspicious, and calling us off to somewhere…There’s no way there’s anything dangerous in that cave. Come quickly, there has to be treasure there!

The way from shaman to Castaneda

It’s hard to travel the steppes without any help: you’re surrounded with danger; you need to keep your eyes open… Who but the omniscient shaman can tell you the way and provide you with protective spells and potions? After all, nothing bad will happen from one conversation with goblins.

Movement is life!

Two more events have come to life in the steppes and the bog. The guy with the hammer looks very scary — maybe we should talk to him and come to a peaceful solution to the problem, whatever that problem may be?

It’s best not to mess with this zombie here if you haven’t equipped yourself with a sharp sword and strong armor. Who knows what these swamp creatures are capable of? And the water doesn’t inspire much trust either. Forget that! Let’s just forget that we ever saw these creepy hands stretching out towards us from the swamp!

What’s on the next page?

Sometimes even simply flipping through the pages of a book can have unexpected consequences. You get to experience these consequences in your travels around our world. Don’t forget to bring the guidebook with you and make notes about where you’ve already been. Maybe it makes sense to stop by those places once more and change the end result completely!

The consequences of your decisions are already slowly coming into full form, and here are just some of them:

You can’t escape fate!

Finally, let’s take a look at what else can help you on your way to the castle. As we’ve already said, your decisions directly affect the end of the story, so we only have to make sure that it’s convenient for you to track the consequences. We’re ordering up our snakes; here are the first sketches. Bon appetit, snakies!

As always, we’re looking forward to your comments and suggestions in our social networks. Don’t forget to drop by our Discord to chat with us.

See you in the next diary!

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