KOTCL Developer Diaries: Quiet! Glossary work in progress!

3 min readJan 20, 2023


Knock-knock, adventurers!

How’s your week been? As for us, we’ve released an update which fixed a lot of things. But it’s too early to relax!

We call on all of you for help. Please, read what’s new in the patch, play a bit and let us know how you like the innovations — what you liked, and what, in your opinion, requires our special attention. We’ve also fixed a great number of bugs that interfered with the game play.

The new game balance will appear later, since we decided not to take the risk of uploading partial updates and thus unnerving you and ourselves. As soon as we finish testing everything we’ve come up with, we’ll definitely update the game and let you know.

Our new video diary is out!

We’ve uploaded a new video diary to YouTube, so come watch it and don’t forget to say hello to our game designers in the comments!

Animations and more!

While one part of our team was working on the update, the other one continued to pore over finalization of the events. Some of them got animated. We just can’t stop talking about the golden hands of our artists and animators. It takes a lot of work to bring life to a story!

Meanwhile, our artists are whipping into shape the latest events. Soon this guy will go to the animation room to come to life and show us what he is capable of!

The last of the deck

The months-long work on Vanadis’s cards has finally been completed! At the end of the last week we received the final art for them. Soon we’ll update the game with it, but you already have the opportunity to check the new cards out right now!

The work on icons is gradually coming to an end, too. We’ve almost finished providing the assorted statuses and buffs with clear and readable icons. They’ve been drawn, and are waiting to be put in place in the game space.

Funny event cut-together, free without sign up

In the last diary we told you that we were continuing to prepare the book of knowledge. You often turn to it to see what items you’ve already received when you’re playing and how many items are yet to be unlocked, so it’s time to put its contents in order. All events are undergoing special preparation and “snipping” to fit into the book. It’s looking pretty good!

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to visit us on our social networks, write us and share your suggestions.

See you in the next diary!

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