KOTCL Developer Diaries: hey look, a bear scratching its muzzle!

3 min readFeb 17


Knock-knock, adventurers!

The days fly by so fast that we don’t even notice when it’s time for our next meeting. Park your worms, put buckets on your heads and let’s go!

Celebration of love in the middle of the week

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the Frontier too, you know! However, not all ways of celebrating Valentine’s are all that nice, one example being the cult’s use of sacrifices.

But we won’t follow the cult’s example. Instead we’re giving you valentine cards for all your needs — you can pick them up in this post. Once again Happy Valentine’s Day!

The carousel of events

Despite the spirit of love floating in the air, we nonetheless continue working on event animations. As always, the animations undergo serious preparation, get polished up and are cut for processing. These guys below (a dentist’s dream, by the way!) are ready to be animated, so we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

And this hero from our past diaries is ready to fight with you now. All that’s left to do is to add his animation to the game. By the way, that’s what our programmers are doing right now, so please show your support for them in the comments!

Champion’s Movements

While some are busy with the events, others continue finishing off the animations of the enemies. The elven champion and his bear are nearly ready to join the game.

The bear is scratching its sweet little muzzle in one of the animations below. That’s so cute, isn’t it?

The Thing is also getting ready to enter the playing field and work on your nerves. It’s already snout-sniffing for an unwary traveler. Be careful — the Thing is highly contagious!

All’s well that ends well

Unique endings are also being drawn up. In fact, there are way more of them than you can possibly imagine! Very soon you’ll be able to track them all down and receive achievements!

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to visit our social networks, where we communicate with you and read your suggestions for improving our game.

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See you in the next diary!