KOTCL Developer Diaries: forging ahead

5 min readJan 19, 2024


Knock, knock!

It’s Friday and the new entry in our developer diary is making its way to you. The second work week of the year made us more active than ever. You’re going to see it all for yourself now, below.

Daddy Can Do, Daddy Can Do…

…anything — and that’s a fact. Especially now, when his arsenal includes updated attack animations. Just look at that left hook! As for his mighty axe blow, it can be fended off only by sturdy armor or inhumane agility.

Animated METAMORPHoses

As you can see below, elves have finally had their turn with SPIne-procedures. Our latest patient was Bjorn’s fellow in misery — the strong and very angry Lycan. He changes his appearance so swiftly now. It’s simply stunning! However, he still needs to work on his manners a bit.

But, to be honest, we are surprised that he patiently sat through the whole process without obliterating everything around him. We all know how those ‘wolves’ can be.

No Peace in This Coffin, pt 2

Remember how we kept working and working on the coffins on the character selection screen? Well, we can inform you of the following: there have been some movements in the matter, in the literal sense of the word. We’re happy as ever to share the interim results with you.

How do you like the new animations? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

Peace and Quiet

A couple of backgrounds have been animated this week, too. Let’s add some serenity and fluidity to our diaries.

It seems that someone was not letting the characters past here…Someone insane, obviously.
And here we diversified the goblins’ ecosystem with the fungi kingdom. Because why not?

KOTCL has talent, err, questions

This week, we’ve been gathering up your questions for our video diaries. Don’t miss this chance to ask us about whatever interests you. We’ll do our best to answer, even if it’s a question about the release date. We promise!

Speaking of talent, we’re always on the search.

How About Some Chit-Chat?

Hello again, my friends. It’s Andrew aka Innrey, the founder of RedBoon.

The farther into work, the deeper, as they say, and the more tasks, of which we already have plenty. But what am I saying? Getting deep into work is exciting and engrossing (spoiler: well, not always, which is a pity).

After significantly changing the game balance in the last year we still have things to strive for.

Aside from the long-suffering Vanadis, Bjorn requires an intervention, too. He’s still got some misbalance that messes things up.

For example, while playing for Bjorn, you can endlessly use all sorts of combos on enemies thanks to the ability to use health points to draw more cards. Bjorn also has some imbalanced cards that give armor and healing. And if you combine healing with drawing cards, you become a terrible and undefeatable force (if you didn’t known about this, hurry up and use it before we nerf it all). On top of that, Bjorn is still quite powerful in the lycan form; his multiple attacks, additionally multiplied by the strength stat, sweep away all before him. All of this is great fun, of course, but it doesn’t really fit with our concept of how Bjorn’s mechanics should work.

We see it this way: lycan-Bjorn uses very powerful one-off attacks, casts debuffs on his opponents — for example Bleeding — but receives curses as a trade-off. That would be a peculiar and logically sound way to help elf-Bjorn.

Although many players are not very fond of Bjorn’s mechanics of curses, we’d like to make playing the lycan more attractive and add more variability so that players will find it interesting to explore new strategies rather than just abusing the game over and over. However, making it too difficult is as bad as making it too easy. The key is not to overdo it. We won’t forget about taming our inner hardcore and finding the right balance.

Perhaps, on this profound note about balance, we’ll end our diaries for this week :)

Wishing you a great weekend and successful game runs!

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