KOTCL Developer Diaries: demons, orcs and cultists

3 min readOct 21, 2022

Knock, knock, adventurers! So, are you ready for a new diary log where we’ll tell you about the game development process and show you gorgeous visuals? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve been writing our diaries for quite some time. If you’ve started reading our reports recently, you might have missed a lot! Before we start talking about something new, we’d like to recall the events that we’ve already shown you in past diaries.


So let’s go! Our artists continue improving already finished art in their free time. For example, here you can see what the process of redrawing one of the orcs from the Steppes looks like.

And how do you like this special enemy named Grum?


In the last diaries, we showed you the “Goblin Town” event, in which you’ll visit an unusual location. Building a town is not an easy task, so work on this event continues, but we can show you a drawing of a goblin at least!

New cards

For the third time in a row, we’re showing you new cards that will later be added to KOTCL. Lots of red here!


Animators continue to teach our Ritualist new spells and movements. Here we present you several new animations.

We’ve also created many new movements for the orc shaman.

And the final enemy for today is a dangerous demon, the Keeper of Illusions, whom you can meet in the Northern Gate.

But we’re not only working on enemy animations, we’re also hard at work at making Vanadis’s cut-scenes. We’ve already shown screenshots of those scenes, but today we want to show them animated. Are you ready to play?

That’s it for today, thanks for reading! See you in the world of Midian!