KOTCL Developer Diaries: a whole lot of animations!

3 min readFeb 3


Knock, knock, travelers!

We’re can’t wait to share the news about our work this week. Shake the dust out of your travel bags, put together some battle decks — and let’s go!

The steppes are all around, anywhere you look

We continue our exciting trips through the events with you. Our journey acrossthe steppes has already introduced us to the goblins and the orcs, but now we have the opportunity to get acquainted with their lifestyle. These goblins, which have been carefully animated by our team, are inviting you to their town. How do you like their comfortable buildings?

Meanwhile, these orcs are glibly persuading you to join them and make an alliance. It’s hard to say if you’ll gain anything from that, but the opportunity to show off next to these greatest warriors is too enticing!

And it’s surely impossible not to stop off at one of the local totems. Thank heavens, no one’s pulling it down this time, so you don’t have to fight with deranged guards.

How do champions move?

You know yourself how difficult it sometimes is to take on battles in which somebody especially strong awaits you. This elven champion below can not only deal painful blows and shake his axe menacingly, but he also can run away from his location right into the woods, towards us! ‘The Thing’ is also preening before its meeting with us. Let’s go around it quietly. Maybe it won’t notice us and so won’t “reward” us with all sorts of swamp diseases.

Your journal — endless possibilities!

Whichever route you choose, each story will have its own end. Thanks to the efforts of our artists and writers, your choice will be simply huge! Don’t forget to check if you’ve answered all the questions the way you need to in order to add another precious page to your campaign journal!

That’s it for today! We continue working on our game — polishing, editing and animating all possible elements. We invite you to join us on Discord to chat, share your experiences and discuss any problems in the game. We’re always happy to help you!

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See you in the next diary!